R is for “Riting” Weekly Illustration Analyses

| April 25, 2014

I never got to compose any kind of analysis like this in my secondary English classes. Not until I took an undergraduate art history course, which changed my life.


Weekly Illustrations Analysis

On two occasions per week, students will analyze illustrations that depict the complex themes of intrapersonality and interpersonality for the first seven minutes of class. Illustrations will change in accordance with each unit. Students have the libterty to either connect these images to instances in other texts that they are currently studying or to their own life—whatever resonates with them the most. Students can consider the following questions while engaged with the image:

  1. How do you feel when you immediately see this image? Why?
  2. Does your body react particularly to this image?
  3. Concerning the texts that we have been reading and analyzing, to what might this image connect?
  4. Concerning your own life, particularly your relationship with your self and your relationships with others, to what might this image connect?
  5. Do you view yourself, your relationships, and/or the world differently after engaging with this image? Why or why not?

Nonetheless, students have the liberty to disregard these questions on account of  them potentially interfere with their own unique interpretive processes. Fundamentally, this learning activity endeavors to have students recognize that these aforementioned issues operate within various modes of art.