V is for Void

| May 1, 2014

Fuseli, Henry. Silence. 1799-1801. Oil on canvas. Kunsthaus, Zurich.

The therapeutic quality of resting in the emptiness of something fascinates me. What does it mean to fall into a void—metaphorically and physically? Does desolation—or apathy/complacency play an integral role in descension?

The androgynous figure’s demeanor suggests resignation to something—perhaps the black void that surrounds the individual. However, the light visible on the right suggests that this blackness does not entirely consume the individual.

There is almost a weightless, enveloping quality of a void. Letting the emptiness surround and fill you—almost oxymoronic.

The water itself makes this individual not alone because it holds him. It might be impossible to be completely in a void. The nothingness therein becomes the space.

Figure: Marv

Marv has it right. Wow. What a hole.