X is for Xeroxing

| April 7, 2014

As I gradually enter into the professional world of education, I realize that I have developed a profound aversion to paper—especially to the devices associated therewith. In the last few weeks, xeroxing has taken over, intermittently, my life within my professional, educational milieu. In itself, the experience has this monotony to it that almost puts me into a trancelike, robotic state. Considering the act of copying or scanning paper as an aesthetic experience has been on my mind all day. I do not enjoy this experience—and it is not beautiful—so is it aesthetic? Certainly the work subsumes me, but I do not take pleasure therein either: I really do not know how people do paperwork all the time. I feel your pain, man:

In times of frustration, this man’s actions parallel my own, on which I do not act, of course. Paper jams, I can only imagine, frequently evoke more anxiety in professional life than they should. Nonetheless, paper is a necessity with which I have to live.

Since starting this endeavor of continual scanning, I have developed modes of coping with this experience. Mainly through music. Stuff that sounds like this:

or like this:

While these genres of music seemingly differ, both have this consuming quality that refuses to seize. Aural stimulation prevails: I counteract subsumption with subsumption.