Y is for Yes

| May 1, 2014

Yes.     |     yes.     |     Yes     |      yes     |     YES.     |      yes YES     |      Y E S     |     YES     |

I really like reading and writing the word “yes” in its various ways. The advent of twenty-first century mobile communication has made language more prominent than possibly ever before. We are continually writing through various digital mediums.

The positivity found within the affirmative exclamation evokes, at least for me, a sense of acceptance whenever I read or write the word. The words read therapeutically on my eyes, like a visual depressant almost. Obviously this word has conditioned me to feel this way, just like if it were a different word that associates the affirmation of an action, question, or response.

The use of periods also affects how I perceive the word “yes.” A period somehow imprints a sense of finality on this affirmative statement.

“No,” the antonym of “yes,” has the opposite effect, evoking very different affects depending upon one’s subjective experience of the former.

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