F is for functional design.

| March 3, 2014

Studio Apartment--Functionality Meets Design Source: http://inthralld.com/2013/03/15-unique-tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas/

F is for functional design.  Here in New York City, I have had to adapt to living in a very small studio apartment.  Trying to fit my belongings into this apartment (and stay sane) was extremely difficult.  I believe that one’s home should be a representation of themselves—a place that not only expresses who they are but also serves as a hide-out from the hectic city.  When planning my apartment, I perused many interior design blogs, searching for the best way to set up my room.  I was amazed by how intriguing these small spaces were—to me, they depicted an intersection between life and art.  They were conceptualized spaces, waiting to be lived in.  Viewing the images of these spaces also led me to wonder what the spaces would look like when they were lived in—that is to say, not quite as perfectly neat as they appeared in the pictures.

Here is one of the websites I looked at during my search: http://worldinsidepictures.com/big-design-ideas-for-small-studio-apartments/