G is for Gumby.

| March 9, 2014

G is for Gumby.  Gumby is one of those characters that has stayed with me since childhood.  I see photos of him or jokes about him and always laugh.  There is no one else like Gumby.  He’s a clay humanoid character who moves and lives like a real person.  Gumby’s adventures were often educational in nature, and although I don’t remember everything about them, I will never forget the image of Gumby.  It’s strange to consider these images and icons from our childhood and the way in which they stay with us throughout our lives.  As a child, I never really thought about who or what Gumby was—I never considered the fact that he was the clay modeled creation of Art Clokey, a former art educator.  When, 18 years later, I stop to consider this fact—the laughable and goofy image of Gumby suddenly becomes much more complex.  Gumby becomes a representation of an aspect of humanity that we should all aspire to include in our lives.

“Gumby, created by Art and Ruth Clokey, was a gift of love for children worldwide. This little green slab of clay comes alive through the wonders of clay animation, evoking visceral reactions from viewers. The texture of the three-dimensional characters, sets and props brings an unparalleled realness and charm. While children are enthralled with the innocence, action and adventure in the stories, the pure expression of art and surrealistic quality of the work appeal to adults.

Gumby is also loved near and far for his good heart and kind nature. He’s an every-man hero who always leaves a place better than how he found it.”

— www.gumbyworld.com

Source: www.gumbyworld.com