U is for understanding / unit plan.

| May 5, 2014

U is for understanding / unit plan.  Many of my final projects are unit plans.  The problem is, as a pre-service teacher it is extremely difficult for me to anticipate the learning styles of my students.  Ideally, I would first be able to get to know my students and tailor my lessons to fit their individual needs.  Additionally, I still struggle with choosing the optimum unit plan format.  Throughout my time shadowing teachers and taking classes at TC, I have been introduced to a variety of different lesson plan formats, all of which differ in subtle and obvious ways.  To me, a completed unit plan is like a work of art.  Perhaps if I were less perfectionistic about my unit plans, it would be easier to finish them.  Regardless, it is hard to discern when a unit plan is “finished”, just as it is difficult to stop making changes to a work of art.