X is for x-ray or just “x”.

| May 5, 2014

X is for x-ray, or just “x”.  The human body is a strange and familiar entity.  One place where this is clearly visible is in an x-ray.  Last Christmas, I became very sick.  A chest x-ray caught Pneumonia in my left lung.  When my doctor showed me the x-ray, it was chilling to think that the image in front of me was actually what was going on inside my body.  It is difficult to comprehend the various ways our bodies can be captured.  Below is a poem I wrote that was inspired by the letter “x”.  I thought of “x” as the unknown in algebra equations—and stretched this idea to apply to life and relationships.

Intermediate Algebra

The equation: seems straightforward and yet

an ever-present X must equalize

or, when manipulated, synthesize

numbers into solutions.  Problem set.

Coefficient and constant coexist…

(divided, polar) opposites resist

but end the same.

With speed: descends a flashy scented Great!

to mark the winner’s (not-so-special) prize.

‘A’ mathlete’s ego swells to giant size,

as brains deliberate demise and wait,

applied haphazardly.  For symmetry—

or Fibonacci’s sequence, we all try

to stretch the game.