Y is for youth.

| April 17, 2014

Y is for youth.  Recently I read an article that championed the idea the “youth is just a state of mind”.  It seems like every year around my birthday I ask myself the same question—am I growing old?  Even though I know I am still relatively young, age scares me.  It isn’t only physical/mental decline that I fear, but losing the sense of wonder with which I approached my childhood and adolescence.  This article helped me to realize that while I do not have any influence over the passing of time, the way I approach the world is something I have control over.  We never have to (and shouldn’t) stop learning.  As we grow, we must consciously and mindfully attempt to maintain our ability to approach all of our endeavors with a fresh and untarnished attitude.  It seems to me that the intrigue and beauty of childhood lies in the abundance of discoveries we experience during that time.  Youth can be maintained forever by remaining open to new experiences and ideas—both exotic and mundane.