Introduction to Athena’s Primer

| May 5, 2014

In her first post of the semester, T is for Thinking Reflective, Athena writes, “By reflecting we are having the experience of looking inwards which may make it more likely to ingrain what we are reflecting upon within us. When we take the time to reflect and bring that something to the deepest part of ourselves only then will it resurface with growth. Perhaps, with a perspective we never expected.”

It is this type of reflection that Athena presents throughout each of her posts. From lattes and wine to forgiveness and motivation, Athena covers a wonderful variety of topics, often including pictures or links to help illustrate the points she raises. However, upon looking at her posts as a whole, it becomes possible to see several thematic threads that emerge from her pieces. There are meditations on pieces of art and topics from class. She discusses classic works and characters (such as Cronos, Utopia, and Romeo and Juliet) and pulls from more modern subjects (such as the film Surrogates, Audrey Hepburn, and a James Mollison photo series).

Also connecting many of her posts are the topics of time and change: how do we organize ourselves—when, how, and why? What does it mean to evolve as a student, educator, and person, with changing habits and growing understanding? A sense of honesty underlines each post, whether the topic is more light-hearted or more on the serious side. More critically, nearly each one poses thought-provoking questions that recall Athena’s initial post and the reflective thinking it advocates.