Introduction to Steve’s primer

| May 13, 2014

A is for Notation
B is for Dimunition
C is for Grotesque
D is for Psychogeography
E is for Public Art
F is for Pragmatism
G is for Tender Buttons
H is for Phatic Expression (Speech, Gesture, and Art)
I is for Stultification
J is for Nostalgia
K is for (Reading, Reviewing, Responding to) Rancière
L is for Bullshit Art/ists
M is for Deadlines
N is for “You’re Getting Very Sleepy…”
O is for Intellectual Property/Propriety
P is for Miles F*@#ing Davis
Q is for Corporeal (Art, Sculpture)
R is for Free Play
S is for Devo’s Pyramid (on Enigma, Myth, Mystery, and Aura in Popular Art)
T is for Stochastic Art
U is for Outsider Art
V is for Juxtaposition
X is for Reclamation
Y is for Hyperbolic Space
Z is for Coltrane

Amusing, endlessly engaging and enlightening, Steve’s primer weaves together popular culture with didactic and scholarly tales while at times expounding on and explicating some dense text and calling authors to task (Ingold, Ranciere) for missing a point or verbosity. He brings abstract, impenetrable concepts down to real life examples, drawing on familiar texts and works from any number of genres, media and artists (Gertrude Stein, Roald Dahl, Miles Davis are among my favorites). He calls Morrissey the Michelangelo of rejecting stultifying structures. His personal anecdotes reveal a deeply invested and engaged interest with music, culture, philosophy and literature. I agree with his views on Brooklyn and appreciate his assessment of the reified culture it has become while simultaneously regarding the Kentile sign with nostalgia, if that’s the right word. I hope he would appreciate that juxtaposition.