Introduction to Tingting Zheng’s Primer

| May 6, 2014

Tingting’s primer explores many areas, spanning from philosophy to teaching to Chinese culture. Beginning from A is for Assessment and closing with Z is for Zero, she covers a number of important ideas about living a life full of beauty, honesty and wonder.

In H is for Happiness, Tingting takes on the philosophical challenge of what it means to “live the good life”. This philosophical lens is also used in her posts on virtue, incompleteness and potential. Tingting writes about both small details of everyday life and large philosophical questions that are yet to be answered. Her posts reflect a calm writer, seeking out answers while simultaneously resting in the unknown.

Tingting’s cultural background is reflected in a variety of posts, ranging from G is for Great Wall to Y is for Yard. Her Chinese upbringing is beautifully reflected upon in K is for Kite where she describes a day from her childhood where she spent a day with her father trying to fly a kite. His words to her then seem appropriate to our role as classroom teachers now:

“Do not be hasty when flying a kite. In order to let your kite fly, it needs lots of preparations and observations.”

Tingting’s posts reflect a teacher, a philosopher, a Chinese citizen, as well as a dear friend. Her Chinese upbringing, her classroom experiences, and personal meditations all have shaped Tingting, both as a person and as an educator and have contributed to the finished product of Tingting’s primer.