O is for Oregon

| April 28, 2014

O is for Oregon

Oregon, home of the dirty hipsters, elitist coffee and moderately left-leaning population.

Oregon, where food carts are considered proper cuisine and where beer must be described by the explicit detailing of its brewing.

Oregon, where chickens, treated as pets, are fed better than most people ate during the great depression.

Oregon, where it rains 300 days of the year, but everyone refuses to carry an umbrella.

Oregon, where food organic is expected, local is encouraged (via intense yuppie peer-pressure) and really “why aren’t you growing your own fruits and vegetables, it’s so doable”.

Oregon, where the cyclists are more aggressive than their vehicular counterparts.

Oregon, where a forecast of overcast and 60 degrees causes the entire population to contemplate the option of shorts and a tank top.

Oregon, where no one bats an eye at the mention of “Anarchy” and food co-ops slowly take over the city of Portland.

Oregon, where irony and sarcasm came to retire, and never quite died.