P is for Philosophers

| May 4, 2014

The cliche version of a philosopher is a single male posed in a pensive position, seemingly taking on the world, but probably just thinking about what he had for lunch.

The life of a philosopher is an interesting subject; not only do I hope someday to perhaps live said life, but I am eternally fascinated by the lives of other philosophers.

You see, as a profession, “philosopher” is a bit of mysterious term; unlike people who go into business or computer science where images of office cubicles and jammed printer cartridges come to mind, philosophy doesn’t necessarily find it’s home in the neat walls of the American office.

Philosophy, unlike areas such as engineering or biophysics, seems to flow and maneuver throughout the intricacies of our everyday life. One could not easily call himself an astrophysicist without objection, but anyone is welcome to take on the title of philosopher.

Because of this, philosophy as a career becomes an enticing subject for discussion:

  • where do you work?
  • what hours do you keep?
  • do you simply spend hours alone, thinking by yourself?
  • how is it to be paid to ask questions but never answer them yourself? ….*

* I don’t have to answer this, because I consider myself a philosopher and have resolved that some questions can’t be answered.