T is for Thesaurus

| April 7, 2014

Thesaurus, because of how many times I’ve had to change the titles of my posts, or avoid writing them all together, because I had already allocated a post to that particular letter. The aesthetics of particular words bring about certain memories and associations that simple “synonyms” cannot. Part of my frustration in forming coherent posts is that I am continually pushed to go beyond the seemingly same six letters that all the words I seem to know begin with. Below is a list of posts that I’ve thought up, but then come to realize that I had already “used” that letter:

  • P is for Patriarchy
  • A is for Authoritarianism
  • C is for Capitalism
  • S is for Street Harassment
  • U is for Utilitarianism
  • C is for Cosmopolitanism
  • V is for Validation

Included in the list from above I have posts that have theoretical “dibs” on letters; I’ve wanted to write Marxism since the beginning of the semester, so anything else that began with “M” was out of the question. I began a post called “O is for Ordinary” a number of weeks ago, and although it is far from finished, I have already mentally decided upon the fact that “O” is indeed for “Ordinary”.

The funny thing about assignments such as this is that at the beginning of the semester they hold a number of unknowns, and we all proceeded with caution. My first posts were tentative and closely aligned with the text from that time. As we have proceeded The task began to open up; I no longer felt the need to directly trace my ideas from the readings and began writing simply what came to mind in that moment of my life. However as I reached the halfway point of the alphabet, I began to realize that my wide-open freedom was once again being confined. No longer by my writing inhibitions but by the 26 symbols imposed upon us at the beginning of the semester. My freedom was forced to stretch and maneuver around the 26 characters that were drilled into my memory as a child.

So I suppose the title of this post would more accurately be “Ode to the Thesaurus, My Saving Grace”, but as you may recall, I’ve already got dibs on the letter “O”.

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