W is for Waking

| April 29, 2014

W is for Waking

1. I wake up every morning with the sunrise and start the day with a sun salutation followed by a half-hour of meditation. I eat a wholesome breakfast sitting at an actual dining room table, drinking actual coffee, and actually reading the New York Time’s international section (and not just the articles with pictures).

2. I wake up every morning to the buzzing alarm on my phone, and hit snooze approximately eight times. I have calculated the latest possible moment that I can wait to get out of bed without being shamefully late to work. I roll out of bed and look for the most socially appropriate clothes that somehow still resemble pajamas. I wake up about three stops in on my train ride.

3. I wake up every morning at the sound of my alarm, which I have set to 7 a.m. every morning since my senior year of high school. I rush through the apartment, throwing things into containers, books into bags and manage to hold a slight semblance of togetherness before running out the door. I power walk to the nearest receptacle to stand in line for my government ration of caffeine for the day and nearly miss my train as I push past a herd of school-age children, avoiding the train car that appears to hold an entire Mariachi band.


Only one of the above stories is true. I’ll let you decide which one.