X is for X Chromosome

| May 5, 2014

X is for X Chromosome

The X chromosome of the two chromosomes that determine sex in many species (the other is “Y”)

The X chromosome is found in both males and females (In case you were wondering if the sexes had anything in common)

The X chromosome represents about 2,000 out of 25,000 genes (sounds better than the likelihood of getting any funding at TC)

Females = XX Male = XY (thanks Freshman year biology)

Females retain their X chromosome from both their mother and father (males just get the mom’s)

Disorders associated with X Chromosomes are described as X Linked (also probably the title of a detective show on CBS that your grandparents watch on Sunday nights)

“All chromosomes normally appear as an amorphous blob under the microscope and only take on a well defined shape during mitosis” (well said Wikipedia, well said)

Contrary to, apparently popular, belief, the X Chromosome is not X shaped

This post is part of my personal series where I non-shamelessly cite Wikipedia articles.

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