| May 19, 2014
I found this writing project and format really fascinating. Having the freedom to explore whatever subjects we wanted however we chose was liberating and luxurious. I tried to be conscious of not just repurposing old knowledge (though I did at times) but also discovering and presenting new subjects.

The primer format felt very much like a collage and welcomed diversity, eclecticism, and exploration. I learned so much from reading others’ entries as well as by producing my own. My primer included a lot of poetry (a medium I still love but am currently estranged from as I rarely read it or write it anymore). My entries featured favorite writers such as Fitzgerald (or rather his wife Zelda),¬†Whitman, Shakespeare, and Yeats. It also explored the process of writing, featuring a somewhat final draft of one of my own poets and discussing subjects such as writer’s block, morning practices, and what it means to be an artist. I also discussed the role of technology in our lives (see N is for Narcissism and Y is for “You Should be Reading”). Finally, I explored creative places (B is for Brooklyn and N is for New Orleans) which are hotbeds of creativity and creative inspiration.

The assignment exposed some of my challenges as a writer/artist. For example, I am often paralyzed by writer’s block and anxiety. As we discussed in class, listening to music or meditating may be a solution. The act of completing such a project reminds me how important it is to get out of one’s head and “just get it done,” imperfect as it may be. However, ultimately I am quite pleased by the outcome.