An Introduction for Jessica Lussier’s Primer

| May 6, 2014

I distinctively remember the first time I met Jessica Lussier; it was on the first day of our Education and the Aesthetic Experience class. I sat in the same table as her and immediately gravitated towards her quick wit, eclectic style, and warm personality. I was a nervous wreck; Spring 2014 marked my first semester at Teachers College, and I honestly had no idea what I was doing, or what I had gotten myself into. I have developed this tendency to second guess everything I do, from the most menial of decisions to the grandiose choices that I believe form the framework of my life. In my habit of second guessing, I am never fully able to commit. From my first impression of Jess, I knew she had it together; she exudes confidence and coolness, the very qualities I feel that I lack. If there is one thing I did right that day, or this semester, it was befriending Jess. Though our personalities are markedly different, we benefit from our shared love of philosophy and our curious attitudes towards every aspect of life itself.

Her inquisitive nature, humorous character, and strong individuality shine in her posts. Whether Jess is writing about the technology of the zipper, or the sheer strength necessary to wake up in the mornings, she does so in a way that highlights the extraordinary in the mundane. This is Jess’ power. She forces an awareness of both the easily forgotten and the easily misunderstood. In her post, “Y is for You,” she states, “You are an accumulation of all things you interact with. People, books, movies, music, spaces, conversations. You are impacted by all of these. Not only because you experienced them (in so far as you were physically and mentally present), but also by what you contributed to them.” I would like to thank Jess for impacting me, as a thinker, as an academic, and as a friend.