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A is for Education

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Emily’s Meta-Primer #1: A is for Adornment 

“Why was fabulousness important? The world was a scary, sad place and adornment was one of the only ways she knew to make herself and the people around her forget their troubles. That was why she had opened her store almost five years ago. Everyone who entered the little square white house with miniature Corinthian …

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H is for Hieroglyphics 

This past Friday, I visited the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and this descriptive plaque in the Egyptian wing gives a particularly compelling explanation of how the Ancient Egyptians viewed art and aesthetics. Though we consider their hieroglyphic writings and artifacts as "art," or at least possessing some kind of aesthetic value, this culture held a more didactic and/or functional …

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F is for feng shui 

Our classroom is pretty obviously designed for the purpose of fostering learning. It’s probably even supposed to be some sort of emblem of some sort of educational revolution. Everything about it is intentional—the latest technology, smartboards on every wall, modern/21st-century/even futuristic design, writable walls and desks, a green-and-white color scheme I can only assume is …

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