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M is for Marx’s Beard 

I've been wanting to do a post on Karl Marx for awhile because I've been looking into Marxist theory a lot this semester; however, because of my lack of time, and also a slight laziness to cite actual sources, instead I present something almost as good. Ode to Karl Marx's Beard How to praise such …

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D is for David Harvey 

David Harvey: Crises of Capitalism (click thru for video) (The above video is an amazing resource from a lecture given by professor David Harvey back in 2010 after the financial crisis of 08' that highlights the inherent problems with capitalism. Also, it's animated!) As I have alluded to my past posts, I am very skeptical …

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H is for Hegemony 

H is for Hegemony The first time I read the word "Hegemony", I had little idea what it meant. First impressions bring about images of "hedges" and "matrimony"... Perhaps the marriage of hedges? Actual definitions: Merriam-Webster: influence or control over another country, a group of people, etc Wikipedia: an indirect form of government, and of imperial dominance …

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C is for Consumerism 

C is for Consumerism Capitalism Commercialization Commodification C is for all the ideas that tell us life is about things; experiences are things, time is a thing, life becomes simply a collection of things. The aesthetics of Capitalism are very appealing;  we can collect our things, use them, and repeat the process. As …

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