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A is for Education

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N is for Neutrality 

1. Some teachers make it a point to be neutral in their opinions (at least in front of students). The desire to be neutral stems from the idea that one does not want students adopting the beliefs of the teacher. They want all students to be able to formulate their own opinions without having the …

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T is for Transmedia (MP Edit) 

Getting into the spirit of digital age creation for this week’s post, I figured I would cover the idea of transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling occurs when a single story is told throughout multiple forms, genres, or formats of text (in particular, incorporating digital elements). Given how impossibly prevalent the internet is in our daily lives, …

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M is for Meme 

Although I had this topic in mind, it really surfaced for me during last week’s reading when we read about how modern art and aesthetics started to “die” or at least lose value as soon as technology allowed for replication. And it is true that in today’s digital age that perhaps the value of a …

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