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A is for Education

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Kyle’s Metaprimer #1: O is for on The Westside Highway 

I have driven continually on the Westside Highway for almost a year now. I find comfort in these experiences that nearly resemble wanderlust. Transitoriness, if nothing else, has emerged as a thematic recurrence since the start of my last year as an undergraduate. The constancy of impermanence fuels my insatiable desire to experience everything. Coping …

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W is for Walking 

Subsequent to parking in the Village last night, my cousin and I walked nearly a mile to reach the restaurant “Dallas BBQ.” The former purposefully parked from this distance because he says that he desired to have “a good walk in the city”; I retorted, “You just wanted to park far away so you could …

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V is for Vertical 

V is for Vertical Manhattan, a 13 mile long island packed with thousands of buildings and 1.6 million people. As I walk down Broadway, my head is turned upwards. Each block reveals new architecture, not only at eye-level, but stretching toward the sky. The beauty and form of each building is unique and reflects pieces …

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