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A is for Education

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J is for Journal 

I have never kept an ongoing written journal, despite how I think it would benefit me. ___________________________________________________________________ Journal Students will keep a private journal for the entirety of the school year, but will be frequently posting throughout this 14-week unit in order to establish a deeper understanding of themselves. Having students intimately engaged with themselves …

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P is for ┬íPobrecito Writing! 

When I think about aesthetics generally, I think about "museum art." By that I mean, pretty simply, things you would see in a museum: paintings, sculpture, photography, handicraft. But I don't think about writing right away; I have to make myself think about it. I don't have the natural association. I find this interesting. So: …

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L is for Line 

What is a transcript but the discrete itemization of the lines that constitute one's educational trajectory? Line by line. The story of Theseus and the Minotaur has much to commend itself as the beginnings of a proto-educational lineage. A first line. The Minotaur, we should note, drops out, as if already slain. It is, …

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