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A is for Education

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S is for Spring! 

The sense of a thing’s value as absolute rather than relative, a result of its features rather than a result of its relations, is the question that came to mind when I was listening to Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring in anticipation of the centenary celebration to be performed on March 2 at Skidmore College (<a …

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C is for Collaboration 

This past week I was introduced to Noche Flamenca and The Electric Company, an experimental theatre company based in Vancouver. Both groups move away from more modernist, linear, hierarchical processes of creation and expression into more interactive, dialogical and emergent scenarios, navigating their way out of modernist practices towards the ‘blurry boundaries’ that come with …

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T is for Transmedia (MP Edit) 

Getting into the spirit of digital age creation for this week’s post, I figured I would cover the idea of transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling occurs when a single story is told throughout multiple forms, genres, or formats of text (in particular, incorporating digital elements). Given how impossibly prevalent the internet is in our daily lives, …

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