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Marginalia: “Who the F#@k is Jacques Ranciere?” 

Dear classmates... I present to you this divine/profane piece of philosophical analysis. What follows is essentially a repost of a wonderful wonderful post on Who the F#@k is Jacques Ranciere? This is my kind of philosophical criticism. Jacques Ranciere is apparently kind of a badass. THEORY AND THEORISTS WHO THE F#CK IS JACQUES RANCIERE? …

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P is for Practice 

Reposted from A is for Education. Written by emilycordes.

Not long ago, I attended a gathering called Artist Ashram, organized by several of my friends in the creative/alternative spirituality communities. The event is, at essence, something of a creative “jam session;” the organizers provide the time, space, and tools for individuals to get together and express themselves by making free-form visual art, creative writing, …

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