A is for Assessment

| April 9, 2014

Assessment is just a mean but not an end in both teaching and learning.

  1. Measure what you treasure!
  • Whatever you value, content, critical thinking, creativity, personal interests, confidence, etc. Measure it intentionally!
  1. Assessment is designed to guide teacher decisions, not to grade.
  • Assessment for learning!
  1. Differentiate for students.
  • They deserve no less!
  1. Test the way you teach!
  • Align your assessments with what you believe to be important.
  1. Do use performance assessment.
  • Anything open-ended with some choice for students allows for different levels and types of learning.
  1. Communicate clearly!
  • What is expected of students in assignments and grading.
  1. Don’t give zeros!
  • Always make it possible for a student to change and succeed.
  • Let hope live in your classroom!