An Intro for Mathila Lombos’s Primer

| May 4, 2014

The free writing of A-Z blogs is Mathila Lombos’s gift to reflect on the relationships among self, others, community, and the natural world. Mathila takes advantage of her keen philosophical insight to explore the things and issues that we do not pay attention to or we are so familiar with. Her writing of lines, the discussion of whether or not eating meat is ethical, and the understanding of compassion are convincing examples to show her unique perspectives of how we as human beings have the ability to think and reflect on something in greater depth. Not only does Matheila care about self construction and upgrading of the spiritual world, but she also cares about how to live well together with others in a complex community and how to create harmony between humans and the natural world.

Mathila expresses her concerns of social injustice, repression, inequality, racial ideology, and sexism, which prevent humans from coming together and engaging with one another. In Mathila’s views, city life is as the being together of strangers who demonstrate continuous awareness in discovering a sense of identity and a sense of difference through the inclusion of the other within our very beings. The chief end for the individuals and the city-states is to live well together, as Aristotle states, “While citizens differ from one another, the salvation of community is the common business of them all.”

Sustainability is a conception that Mathila brings up in order to solve “how we can best meet the needs of today and tomorrow”. The creation of identicalness and harmony between humans and the natural world requires humans to sustain ourselves to allow future generations to still meet their collective needs. I believe that all of writings of Mathila present a “bigger self” besides a “small self”. Her dedicated thoughts, love of life, and pursue of goodness are such a joy for readers to think reflectively.