D is for Distance

| February 19, 2014

When we look at a strawberry from a certain distance, we appreciate its beautiful color and appearance. However, when we take a closer look of this same strawberry, we find out that its appearance is not as what we imaged before. Sometimes, dense points on the surface of the strawberry may cause visual uncomfortable feelings for some of us. This example makes me think of how distance creates a sense of beauty between humans and objects. Furthermore, distance also can create a sense of beauty among humans. The ancients said, “Missing is better than meeting.” When lovers are so close to each other without leaving any space between them, this type of “zero distance” may cause the loss of original love. Distance does not represent separation and ignorance, but respect and freedom. I believe that all of us had or have dreams, and these dreams were/are beautiful in our minds. But have we thought why these dreams were/are beautiful in some degree? My answer is: the distances between realities and dreams create beauty which motivates us to continually pursue. In an aesthetical view, distance serves as a bridge, which beautifully connects humans and humans, humans and objects, and objects and objects.