I is for Incompleteness

| March 27, 2014

As we know, the statue of Venus in the Louvre Museum in Pairs has amazed the world. Its artistic value surpasses both nations and the era. For more than one hundred years, artists, sculptors, and archaeologists have been dedicated in designing a variety of schemes and models for Venus’s missing arm. However, their trials failed. Why? Because of Venus’s incomplete beauty arm, it creates an unbelievable abstract effect of art, which leaves broader space for  imagination of beauty.

In most of the time, the moon is incomplete. The incompleteness of the moon shows a process of beauty. The moon experiences from incompleteness to completeness (to be a full moon); at the same time, people obtain an enjoyment of pursuit of perfection.

God gave you a beautiful appearance, but He does not give you a broad and deep thought; God gave you a profound wisdom, but He does not give you health. Nothing is perfect, but it does not hinder us to appreciate and create beauty because incompleteness is an authentic beauty in our lives.