L is for Language

| February 17, 2014

The vast between heaven and earth has played a variety of language sonatas. Everything has its own unique language. The language of the sun is warmness; the language of the moon is romance; the language of spring breeze is gentleness; the language of water is insistence; the language of ocean is spaciousness. At this moment, a question might be raised: “What about human language?” I believe language builds up an invisible bridge between human communications. Through this bridge, we understand each other’s needs, feel each other’s mood, and share each other’s feeling. Human language is a part nature’s language system, and its function should not be limited in application of only verbal language. When we pay close attention to non-verbal language in our lives, we will be amazed at how non-verbal language can convey information and emotions in an effective way. Simile is a language because it expresses sincerity and friendliness. Text is a language because it composes eternal memory. Gesture is a language because it visualizes human expressions. Eye contact is a language because it meets human hearts in a split second. I believe that experiencing the charm and power of languages is a way of experiencing aesthetic in our universe because it not only provides opportunities for us to know and appreciate what we have, but it also creates positive correlations that influence us and those around us.