M is for Modern Poetry

| April 15, 2014

A Tree in Bloom

How do I let you meet me,

At my most beautiful moment,

For this,

I beseeched the Buddha for five hundred years,

I beseeched Him to let us meet in earthly life.

Buddha lets me becomes a tree,

Growing on the roadside that you pass by every day.

Under the sunlight,

It carefully bloomed with flowers all over,

Every Bloom is my hope from a previous life.

When you come near,

Please listen patiently,

Those shivering leaves,

Are the passion of my waiting,

But you finally passed by unawares,

Those that fell off and covered the ground,

My dear friend,

Those are not flower petals,

But my withering heart.

This is a modern poem written by Murong Xi. This poem is full of romantic and sentimental styles. It describes a feeling of disappointment and loneliness in an unrequited love. The beauty of this poem reflects its sweet sorrow and a touch of sadness.