N is for New York City

| April 29, 2014

Before coming to the U.S, I  have already known that New York City  is an economic, trade and financial center in the U.S., which also  is known for a cosmopolitan that have attracted many people to come here and start their American dreams. So New York City left me with the impression of brightness, shininess, brilliant illumination, heavy traffic, and the crowed mass.

I was so excited to have a chance to study at Columbia University because it provided me opportunities to directly experience the grandness of NYC. On the way to TC, the public bus passed through different places. Except for the greatness of Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Wall Street, Time Square, which I saw from media, I believed that places I saw on the bus are real life for the majority of people living in NYC.  I felt that I was going back to the life of 80s because most of the places were old, shabby, dirty, and chaotic. I asked myself more than once, “Is it real New York City? Is it the city where people called the most modern place?” Be honest, the living conditions for some people are way worse than living in my hometown. I had been in search of what charm of NYC is, which attracts people from all over the world to come here even though it is dirty, chaotic, and crowed.

One time, I walked on the busy 34th Street by myself, but I did not feel lonely. It was strange that it was the only time I did not have a sense of loneliness when self-walking in an unfamiliar city. Looking at people with different skin colors, languages, backgrounds, and professions, I unexpectedly had a sense of belonging. I think that is the charm of New York City. There is no mainstream culture in NYC, so everyone is a contribution of this diversity. In NYC, you do not need to adapt into existing environment; you are free to continue being yourself. No matter if you are temporary visitors, travelers, or workers, all of us can be owners in this city because yourself is a beautiful scene.  The charm of NYC comes from its perfect harmony of colorful civilization and diverse inclusion.