S is for Softness

| April 15, 2014

Water is the source of life because humans cannot live wither water. In addition, water is also a description of an object in a variety of writings because it is considered a symbol of softness. Chinese authors draw analogy between water and women. In the authors’ views, water itself is a great representation of women’s softness and considerate feelings. One of famous Chinese phase is called: conquer the hard with the soft. For example, a women’s tear sometimes can be an effective softener, which can melt the man with a heart of stone. Tender grass is soft, but it will eventually shoot in spring. The best example to demonstrate the power of softness will be the picture “Constant Dripping Wears Away the Hard Rock” (as above). I believe that softness is not weakness or fragility, but an intrinsic vitality. The innate character of why softness can conquer hardness is because softness owns remarkable endurance.