U is for User Interface Design

| April 29, 2014

With the rapid development of the Internet, User Interface (UI) design has attracted more and more attention from the market. The UI design is a part of software design, which focuses on user’s experience and interaction. UI design is not only an interface display, but it is a design that explores the relationships between users and interfaces. Besides pictures and text on UI designs, aesthetics plays an important role in connecting users and interfaces (for example, elements of placement, shapes, the use of colors). The UI designers should take into account how different genders and cultures have various understandings of the use of color. So studying target users is the foundation in the process of design because designers need to make sure that target users have the same understanding of the meaning of colors as they do. If the users are color blind, the designers should consider taking advantage of shapes to guide users. I think that UI design is the perfect combination of people, objects, and aesthetics.