Z is for Zero

| March 24, 2014

What’s Zero? Does it represent nothing or something?

A musician says, “‘0’ is a rest among musical notes.” An artist says, “‘0’ is the sun that brings warmth.” An environmentalist says, “‘0’ is our living earth, a place of home.” A mathematician says, “‘0’ is a special number that is neither a positive nor negative number.” A writer says, “‘0’ is a period among punctuations.” An English teacher says, “‘0’ is a letter O among 26 letters.” A romantic scientist says, “‘0’ is the full moon that signifies reunion.” A swimmer says, “‘0’ is a life buoy in an emergency.” A little child says, “‘0’ is a pair of mother’s eyes that are filled with love.” I say, “‘0’ represents the beginning of the life, as well as the ending of the life.” In your aesthetic view, what does “0” mean to you?